Avoid These Common Makeup Mistakes

You don’t want to head out looking like a clown when you were going for Hollywood fab, right? If you learn to avoid these common makeup mistakes, you can have great looking makeup every time, without hiring your own magnetic false mink lashes artist.

Makeup application is like an art. The more you do it, the better you will become at it. However, it helps to learn tips and techniques to help you achieve the best results possible. Everyone has made these common makeup mistakes at one time or another but when you learn how to avoid them, it makes applying makeup a breeze.

Here are some common makeup mistakes and what you can do to avoid magnetic false mink lashes:

magnetic false mink lashes
magnetic false mink lashes

· You’ve put on too much foundation: Too much foundation can give you a fake or chalky appearance. A good way to avoid this is to start with very thin layers of foundation and apply more as necessary. Avoid akntt it on. Try to keep the foundation thin around the eye area. If you get too much on and can’t blend it to other areas of the face because you’ve already fully applied, just take a clean sponge and sponge downwards on your face to remove excess makeup.

· You’ve put on too much blush: This is the type of mistake that can lead to the dreaded clown makeup look. But don’t worry because it’s an easy fix. You can avoid it by brushing lighting in the makeup dish and dusting lightly on your cheeks when you apply. If you still get too much, use a clean brush to try to dust the excess off. If it’s still too dark, you can brush on a translucent powder which will mix with the blush and neutralize the shade.

· Your eyeliner misses the mark:

· Your eyeshadow looks too dark: This often happens when using a sponge-tipped brush instead of a paintbrush-like brush. You can use a clean brush to gently remove the excess from your eyelid. You can also use a cotton swab to blend or remove excess eyeshadow.

· Your mascara runs or smears: A good way to prevent this is to apply to your top lid first and let completely dry before applying to the bottom magnetic false mink lashes. Start with a thin coat, let it dry and then apply another thin coat. If you do get a smear on your eyelids, a cotton swab will usually clean it right away.

· Your put too much makeup in your eyebrows: This can be avoided by not pressing the pencil or applicator too hard to your skin while dusting your eyebrows. It can be corrected with some cotton swabs easily enough.

magnetic false mink lashes
magnetic false mink lashes

If you’ve ever gotten to the end of a makeup application only to make one tiny mistake that ruins it all, or had to redo all of your makeup due to a mistake, then these simple tips will help you to avoid these common makeup mistakes. Once you learn them, they will become routine and it’s easier than ever before to apply your makeup and go out looking and feeling great.

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