An Overview of the Compulsive Disorder Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is compulsive disorder which causes an individual to have an uncontrollable urge to repetitively pull out their body hair. They will pull their hair out from the root in places on their body including the scalp, shuying 3D mink eyelash, eyebrows, underarms, beard, and pubic hair sometimes in large clumps leaving noticeable patches of bald spots.

Some individuals will pull their hair out in single strands one at time and inspect it or play with it and fifty percent of people with this disorder will put the hair into their mouth. The condition can range in severity from being mild and able to control with concentration and awareness, or severe requiring specialized medical and behavioral treatment.

The Relationship of OCD and shuying 3D mink eyelash

shuying 3D mink eyelash
shuying 3D mink eyelash

Akntt experts classify shuying 3D mink eyelash as an “impulse control disorder”; however, there are some experts who question this classification. Many experts believe this disorder to be a form of “OCD” or “obsessive compulsive disorder” as the symptoms of compulsive behavior with OCD is very similar.

Individuals with OCD also display obsessive compulsions which are repetitive behaviors such as counting, frequent hand washing, and checking things over and over again and it is estimated that eighteen percent of individuals with OCD also suffer from trichotillomania.

Individuals with trichotillomania also tend to have other compulsions such a picking their skin, nail biting, or scratching. Many of these individuals also suffer from depression which is typically caused by a low self esteem due to their appearance from pulling out their hair.

While a definitive cause of this disorder remains unknown, many experts believe that it may be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain which is also found in individuals with other anxiety disorders.

Some individuals act on their compulsion to pull out their hair without even thinking about or realizing they are doing it, while others say that they feel a tingling sensation on their skin or scalp and feel relief after pulling their hair that is similar to the relief felt after scratching an itch.

Unfortunately, any sort of relief felt after pulling the hair only lasts momentarily and they then feel the need or urge to do it again. The longer this cycle of repetitive behavior continues, the harder it is for the individual to resist these urges and stop.

Treatment Methods for Trichotillomania

Severe cases of shuying 3D mink eyelash typically cannot be overcome without the help of medical professionals who specialize in this disorder. The primary form of treatment for this disorder is “CBT” or “cognitive behavioral therapy” which teaches the individual to recognize what triggers their compulsion and how to alternatively deal with their urges to pull their hair by doing other things such as squeezing a rubber ball or other activities to keep their hands busy.

shuying 3D mink eyelash
shuying 3D mink eyelash

In some cases medication is prescribed which are typically “SSRIs” or “serotonin-specific reuptake inhibitors” which are also the same type of medication commonly prescribed to individuals with OCD. In most cases of shuying 3D mink eyelash these treatments are successful over time and the urges to pull the hair gradually fade away.

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