Gothic Vampire Inspired Bridal Makeup for Halloween Weddings

Why gothic vampire inspired soft 3d real mink false lashes for a bride at her wedding? Because goth girls need beauty too!

Bridal makeup and halloween weddings are common and many take place as destination weddings at haunted locations. As a goth bride you will need a few key pieces of product and technique to complete your gothic bridal look.

soft 3d real mink false lashes
soft 3d real mink false lashes

So I have a few recommendations and tips to help you:

Now is the time to invest in Ben Nye theater soft 3d real mink false lashes to achieve a pale translucence to the skin that gives good full coverage. This brand of makeup can be ordered online or picked up at your local costume shop. A good second foundation and concealer to consider is Dermablend Smooth Indulgence.

It is very important that you pull the foundation/powder look of the face down and continue the coverage over your ears, neck, chest, and any skin that is showing and going to be photographed so that it will all match in the print.

Your highlights and contrast of eyeshadows and blush need to be even more defined for the photos and to achieve a true gothic look similar to Lily Munster and Elvira.

For working with the theater makeup which is an oil base, consider picking up extra brushes to help draw on the shadows for your eyes and a deep red plum mouth. You can save money on professional makeup brushes by going to the art store. Get some fine tip brushes that are used for oil paints. If they are too stiff, soak them in alcohol overnight, then wash well and let dry flat. They will be softer after this treatment.

For a cheek look, focus on carving in hollows of the cheek with a darker shade of blush and highlighting the cheek bone and around the eyes for a halo like effect.

Focus your lip look part on pretty and part on function. You will need to be able to kiss and eat cake without smearing your lipstick each time. Now is a good time to consider and test some long wearing lip products. A red, plum or black lip look can last longer by prepping the mouth and is also key to it photographing well.

You want to seal the mouth with a clear silicone concealer stick to prevent the dark lipstick from bleeding into your foundation and also to help it hold up under the kissing, eating and drinking. Apply it like a lipstick slightly outside of the edge of the lip to stop feathering of the lipstick.

A note on black lipstick which photographs a bit blue/green.You can counter the color change by layering a dark matte red underneath it. My favorite is Expose by Lorac and this shade is otherwise known as the Satine shade from Moulin Rouge worn by Nicole Kidman.

Finish your gothic bridal soft 3d real mink false lashes look with a light dusting of soft 3d real mink false lashes Forever HD translucent powder to ensure the makeup sets up and stays in place through the wedding ceremony and reception. As a final note, plan ahead for any beauty accessories for your makeup to complete your gothic vampire inspired bridal look such as custom made fangs or specialty contacts to change the appearance of your eyes.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding gothic bride!

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soft 3d real mink false lashes
soft 3d real mink false lashes

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